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The Chicago Bulldogs Youth Hockey Club is dedicated to providing teaching and facilities that will develop highly skilled and motivated young hockey players. The Bulldogs develop players from learn-to-skate programs through elite Tier II teams, providing opportunities to compete against the best hockey players in Illinois and surrounding states.  Our players learn skills both on and off the ice that will benefit them for a lifetime.  The Chicago Bulldogs expect a commitment to excellence and hard work from all the players, parents, managers and coaches.  This commitment to excellence will include both on-ice performance, as well as off-ice activities as student-athletes and as representatives of the Chicago Bulldogs Youth Hockey Club. 


The Chicago Bulldogs Youth Hockey Club is quickly becoming one of the North Shore’s premier Tier II youth hockey clubs. Our short six-year history is rich with development and championships. To date, the Bulldogs have won nine BlackHawks Cup final four banners, six NIHL Wolves Cup Championships, two International Silver Stick Regional Championship, three NIHL President’s Cup, and seventeen NIHL league playoff finalist banners over the past six seasons.  In the 2019-20 season the Chicago Bulldogs have developed and graduated 19 players to AAA hockey programs. In the 2019-20 season the Chicago Bulldogs Hockey Club had 3 team appear in the CSDHL playoff, 3 teams in the NIHL playoffs and 3 teams place in the State Tournament.


For the 2020-21 Season the Chicago Bulldogs will have four teams in the Central States Development Hockey League.  The Bulldogs will have Squirt Major, Peewee Major (08), Bantam Minor (07) and Bantam Major (06). The 2019-20 season featured all levels from Squirt Major through Midget Minor. The Bulldogs history has featured success at all levels in the CSDHL.


For the 2020-21 season the Bulldogs will have two squirt teams, a peewee team and a bantam team competing in the Northern Illinois Hockey League.  


The learn to skate and learn to play hockey program is a partnership between Chicago Bulldogs Youth Hockey Club and Heartland Skating Academy.  Our learn to play hockey program is coached by the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks skating coach Kevin Delaney and the Delaney Hockey staff. Our players learn at an early age from the best skating coaches in the Chicagoland area. 

2020-21 Coaching Staff

Bantam Major 2006 - Russ Naumenko
Bantam Minor 2007 - Russ Naumenko
Bantam NIHL - Rob Newburg/Mark Czarnik
Peewee Major 2008 - Anthony Luka
Peewee Minor 2009 - Rob Messner
Squirt Major 2010/2011 - Rob Messner
Squirt NIHL 1 - Russ Naumenko
Squirt NIHL 2 - Rob Newburg/Ian Pragovich

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