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PeeWee Major 08 CS

Regular Season 2019-20
2019-20 x Regular Season

Doug Altschul


Ryan Walls


Game Videos

Date Team P1 P2 P3 OT SO
9/13/2019 GR KV Rebels P1 P2 P3    
9/13/2019 GR Belle Tire P1 P2 P3    
9/14/2019 GR Team Ohio Orange P1 P2 P3    
9/14/2019 GR Team Ohio Black P1 P2 P3    
9/15/2019 GR Jets - Semi P1 P2 P3    
9/15/2019 GR Chesterfield - Championship P1 P2 P3    
9/21/2019 Affton P1 P2 P3    
9/22/2019 Affton P1 P2 P3    
9/28/2019 Leafs P1 P2 P3    
9/29/2019 Chargers P1 P2 P3 OT  
10/4/2019 HP Falcons P1 P2 P3    
10/5/2019 St. Peters P1 P2 P3    
10/6/2019 Jets P1 P2 P3    
10/12/2019 Sabres P1 P2 P3    
10/13/2019 Bruins P1 P2 P3    
10/18/2019 MO Jimmy John - Black P1 P2 P3    
10/18/2019 MO Cincinnati Swords P1 P2 P3    
10/19/2019 MO Rochester Monarchs P1 P2 P3    
10/19/2019 MO Rochester Monarchs QTR P1 P2 P3 OT SO
10/20/2019 MO Leafs Semi P1 P2 P3 P3  
10/20/2019 MO Falcons Championship P1 P2 P3 A  
10/26/2019 Blues P1 P2 P3    
10/27/2019 Blues P1 P2 P3    
11/1/2019 CW Nashville Predators P1 P2 P3    
11/1/2019 CW Long Island Rebels P1 P2 P3    
11/2/2019 CW Petosky Pirahna P1 P2 P3    
11/2/2019 CW Long Island Gulls P1 P2 P3    
11/3/2019 CW Chesterfield P1 P2      
11/9/2019 Bruins P1 P2 P3    
11/10/2019 Wilmette P1 P2 P3    
11/172019 Jets P1 P2 P3 OT  
11/17/2019 Chargers P1 P2 P3    
11/24/2019 Wilmette P1 P2 P3    
12/6/2019 SS Vipers P1 P2 P3    
12/6/2019 SS Roadrunners P1 P2 P3    
12/7/2019 SS Madison Polar Caps P1 P2 P3    
12/8/2019 Austin Tx Jr Stars P1 P2 P3    
12/14/2019 Chesterfield P1 P2 P3    
12/15/2019 Chesterfield P1 P2 P3    
12/20/2019 Charlotte Jr. Checkers P1 P2 P3    
12/20/2019 Madison Capitals P1 P2 P3    
12/21/2019 Carshield P1 P2 P3    
12/21/2019 San Jose Jr. Sharks P1 P2 P3    
12/22/2019 Madison Capitals P1 P2 P3    
01/04/2020 Hawks P1 P2 P3    
01/05/2020 Sabres P1 P2 P3    
1/11/2020 St. Peters P1 P2 P3    
1/12/2020 Ice Dogs P1 P2 P3 OT  
1/18/2020 Gamblers P1 P2 P3    
1/19/2020 Ice Dogs P1 P2 P3    
1/25/2020 Leafs P1 P2 P3 OT  
1/26/2020 Hawks P1 P2 P3    
1/31/2020 Falcons P1 P2 P3    


'08s Tournaments and Schedule for 2019-20

REGULAR SEASON - The preliminary game schedule is posted in the Game Calendar.

TOURNAMENTS - The '08s are slated for the following tournaments for the 2019-20 Season.  Note that any additional league trips and tournaments added would incur additional fees:

Western Michigan Classic Sep 13-15 Grand Rapids MI

Thursday night arrival

League Games @Affton Sep 21-22 St Louis MO Friday night arrival
Bauer Motown Classic AAA Oct 18-20 Detroit MI Thursday night arrival
CCM World Hockey Invite Nov 1-3 Chicago IL Local
AAA Superseries Dec 20-22 Notre Dame IN Thursday night arrival
**CS Playoffs Feb TBD Local
***Blackhawks Cup/IL State Championship March Location TBD Local


**If we qualify in the standings... additional fees may apply
***If we advance from the play-in games... additional fees may apply

All games and tournaments will be posted on the '0s calendar.

Recent PeeWee Minor 08 CS News

The Bulldogs are excited to announce the hiring of Coach Anthony Luka!  Anthony is entrusted with coaching our 2008 PW Major Team for the 2020-21 Season.  Anthony spent the past three seasons coaching at the Chicago Bruins; most recently as head coach of the '05 Bantam Major CS team. Prior to the Bruins, he was an assistant coach at Team Illinois with the '02 Bantam Majors.  Anthony grew up playing his youth hockey at the Northwest Chargers AA and Team Illinois AAA hockey, before moving on to play college hockey at Illinois State University.  Anthony comes from a great hockey family; his father Mark is currently the Midget Major Coach at Team Illinois, and his brother Nico is a senior D1 hockey  player AIC.