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PeeWee Minor 08 CS

Regular Season 2019-20
2019-20 x Regular Season

Doug Altschul


Ryan Walls


Game Videos

Date Team P1 P2 P3 OT SO
9/13/2019 GR KV Rebels P1 P2 P3    
9/13/2019 GR Belle Tire P1 P2 P3    
9/14/2019 GR Team Ohio Orange P1 P2 P3    
9/14/2019 GR Team Ohio Black P1 P2 P3    
9/15/2019 GR Jets - Semi P1 P2 P3    
9/15/2019 GR Chesterfield - Championship P1 P2 P3    
9/21/2019 Affton P1 P2 P3    
9/22/2019 Affton P1 P2 P3    
9/28/2019 Leafs P1 P2 P3    
9/29/2019 Chargers P1 P2 P3 OT  
10/4/2019 HP Falcons P1 P2 P3    
10/5/2019 St. Peters P1 P2 P3    
10/6/2019 Jets P1 P2 P3    
10/12/2019 Sabres P1 P2 P3    
10/13/2019 Bruins P1 P2 P3    
10/18/2019 MO Jimmy John - Black P1 P2 P3    
10/18/2019 MO Cincinnati Swords P1 P2 P3    
10/19/2019 MO Rochester Monarchs P1 P2 P3    
10/19/2019 MO Rochester Monarchs QTR P1 P2 P3 OT SO
10/20/2019 MO Leafs Semi P1 P2 P3 P3  
10/20/2019 MO Falcons Championship P1 P2 P3 A  
10/26/2019 Blues P1 P2 P3    
10/27/2019 Blues P1 P2 P3    
11/1/2019 CW Nashville Predators P1 P2 P3    
11/1/2019 CW Long Island Rebels P1 P2 P3    
11/2/2019 CW Petosky Pirahna P1 P2 P3    
11/2/2019 CW Long Island Gulls P1 P2 P3    
11/3/2019 CW Chesterfield P1 P2      
11/9/2019 Bruins P1 P2 P3    
11/10/2019 Wilmette P1 P2 P3    
11/172019 Jets P1 P2 P3 OT  
11/17/2019 Chargers P1 P2 P3    
11/24/2019 Wilmette P1 P2 P3    
12/6/2019 SS Vipers P1 P2 P3    
12/6/2019 SS Roadrunners P1 P2 P3    
12/7/2019 SS Madison Polar Caps P1 P2 P3    
12/8/2019 Austin Tx Jr Stars P1 P2 P3    
12/14/2019 Chesterfield P1 P2 P3    
12/15/2019 Chesterfield P1 P2 P3    
12/20/2019 Charlotte Jr. Checkers P1 P2 P3    
12/20/2019 Madison Capitals P1 P2 P3    
12/21/2019 Carshield P1 P2 P3    
12/21/2019 San Jose Jr. Sharks P1 P2 P3    
12/22/2019 Madison Capitals P1 P2 P3    
01/04/2020 Hawks P1 P2 P3    
01/05/2020 Sabres P1 P2 P3    
1/11/2020 St. Peters P1 P2 P3    
1/12/2020 Ice Dogs P1 P2 P3 OT  
1/18/2020 Gamblers P1 P2 P3    
1/19/2020 Ice Dogs P1 P2 P3    
1/25/2020 Leafs P1 P2 P3 OT  
1/26/2020 Hawks P1 P2 P3    
1/31/2020 Falcons P1 P2 P3    


'08s Tournaments and Schedule for 2019-20

REGULAR SEASON - The preliminary game schedule is posted in the Game Calendar.

TOURNAMENTS - The '08s are slated for the following tournaments for the 2019-20 Season.  Note that any additional league trips and tournaments added would incur additional fees:

Western Michigan Classic Sep 13-15 Grand Rapids MI

Thursday night arrival

League Games @Affton Sep 21-22 St Louis MO Friday night arrival
Bauer Motown Classic AAA Oct 18-20 Detroit MI Thursday night arrival
CCM World Hockey Invite Nov 1-3 Chicago IL Local
AAA Superseries Dec 20-22 Notre Dame IN Thursday night arrival
**CS Playoffs Feb TBD Local
***Blackhawks Cup/IL State Championship March Location TBD Local


**If we qualify in the standings... additional fees may apply
***If we advance from the play-in games... additional fees may apply

All games and tournaments will be posted on the '0s calendar.

Recent PeeWee Minor 08 CS News

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