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PeeWee Minor 08 CS

Regular Season 2018-19
2018-19 x Regular Season

Doug Altschul

Head Coach

David Garr


Ryan Murtaugh


Keith McMahon


Game Videos

Hawks 10/6/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Sabres 10/7/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Northbrook 10/13/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Leafs 10/14/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Cleveland Barrons 10/19/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Compuware T2 10/19/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Atlanta Kings 10/20/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Falcons 10/20/2018 P1 P2 P3 OT SO
Hawks 10/27/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Jets 10/28/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Saginaw Jr Spirit 11/2/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Texas Tigers 11/2/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Chesterfield AA 11/3/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Tampa Elite 11/3/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Sabres CS 11/4/2018 P1 P2      
Jets 11/11/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Winnetka 11/16/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Affton 11/18/2018 1 P1 P2 P3    
Affton 11/18/2018 2 P1 P2 P3    
Leafs 12/1/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Chargers 12/2/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Express 12/7/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Yellowjackets 12/7/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Admirals 12/8/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Ice Dogs 12/8/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Sabres 12/9/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Joliet 12/15/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Joliet 12/16/2018 P1 P2 P3    
Sabres 01/06/2019 P1 P2 P3    
Falcons 01/09/2019 P1 P2 P3    
Blues 01/12/2019 P1 P2 P3    
Northbrook 01/13/2019 P1 P2 P3    
Falcons 01/26/2019 P1 P2 P3    
Blues 01/27/2019 P1 P2 P3    
Winnetka 01/27/2019 P1 P2 P3    
Chargers 02/02/2019 P1 P2 P3    
Jets RR 02/07/2019 P1 P2 P3 OT  


'08s Tournaments and Schedule for 2018-19

REGULAR SEASON - The preliminary game schedule is posted in the Game Calendar.

TOURNAMENTS - The '08s are slated for the following tournaments for the 2018-19 Season.  Note that additional league trips and tournaments may be added:

Western Michigan Classic Sep 14-16 Grand Rapids MI

Thursday night arrival

Bauer Motown Classic AAA Oct 19-21 Detroit MI Thursday night arrival
CCM World Hockey Invite Nov 2-4 Chicago IL Local
League Games @Affton Nov 17-18 St Louis MO Arrival TBD (Fri/Sat)
Chicago Regional Silver Stick Dec 7-9 Chicago IL We are Hosting
*CS Playoffs Feb 9-10 TBD Local
*Blackhawks Cup/IL State Championship March Location TBD Local


*Pending qualification... additional fees may apply

All games and tournaments will be posted on the '08s calendar.